Your data

Securely  Open

  • Are your systems safe, secure, and reliable?
  • Can your staff access data when and where they need it?
Let 20Creek be your IT department. We’ll plan and manage your hardware, software, network, and data so you can grow your business.

Video:  Inside the Network Operations Center

It Starts with Discovery...

  • Does work flow smoothly throughout your office?
  • Does your IT investment promote your business objectives?
Every business is unique.   Its goals, its processes, even its culture, inspires its IT methods and solutions. To align your IT plans to your business  we’ve developed the 20Creek Business Discovery Process.

A trained business analyst works on-site with stakeholders across your firm.  We prepare a report of observations, options, and recommendations for your IT Roadmap. And if we become your IT provider, we score progress against the report and update it with you every quarter. 

...To Create IT You Can Build Upon

You’re growing a business. Let us manage your hardware, software, network,

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Work from the office, the airport, or your favorite coffee

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Get help fast.  Your help line will ring directly into

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Be prepared.  Our business continuity solutions restore your IT operations

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Make information flow smoothly from desk to desk, from creation

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Know your IT budget in advance.  For one monthly payment,

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