Build IT
You'll Brag About

Are you giving your staff all the productivity
and safety gains that you're paying for?

20CREEK is a full-service IT provider
specializing in Data Governance.

See how Data Governance can make your staff
safer and more effective.

Be Effective
Do the right people have the right information to serve your customers?
Or do customers wait while email gets passed around your office?
Be Efficient
Does staff spend time chasing down information when they could be helping customers? Are you paying 5 people to do the work of 4?
Be Safe
Can a hacker freeze your business in its tracks? Could a well meaning employee send confidential data to the wrong people?
Poor Data Governance
Means Bigger Risks
Hackers don’t have to break in to steal your data.

Your staff will send it to them by mistake.
Why We Care
It's happened to our friends.
We've read it in the paper.
We've listened to stories from people like you.
Sloppy data is sloppy business.
  • Data Governance improves your team's effectiveness by ensuring that your staff has the data they need to deliver quality service to your customers.
  • Data Governance improves your team's efficiency by reducing wait times and rework.
  • Data Governance protects your data in ways that traditional protections such as firewalls and antivirus cannot.
Getting Started is Easy
  • Watch our videos and read our articles.
  • Schedule us to provide security awareness training for your employees.
  • Or hire us to teach a live class for your management team. We offer continuing education credit for some professions.
Contract with us for a deep IT assessment. Our thorough process looks at your business goals first. Then we examine your software and equipment to find opportunities for improvement. This assessment puts you firmly in charge of your firm's roadmap.
20CREEK can be your IT Staff's best friend. As a full-service IT Provider with architecture, help desk, and on-site support, we can provide the structure to help your IT Staff be successful. If you don't have IT Staff, we can be your IT Department.
Manager's Guide to Cybersecurity
Looking for a common sense guide to computer security?
Written in plain-English from a business manager's point of view, our free guide explains the basic concepts of creating a computer security plan.
Request your free copy today.
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