Data Governance

Data Governance


Make information flow smoothly from desk to desk, from creation to destruction, inside and outside your network. 

Many companies are reliant – or perhaps overly reliant – on email to conduct business.  An invoice gets lost, an order gets overlooked, confidential data gets mailed to the wrong customer.  

Data Governance is an enterprise concept but its concepts and tools can help businesses of all sizes.  20Creek can look at where you acquire data – from customers, from suppliers, from employees.  We look at you handle it for its full life cycle – who creates it, who can see it, how can they use it, where do you store it, when do you destroy it.  Is the right data available to the right people at all times?

These are business questions with technical implications.  As we answer those business questions, we start to get a picture of how your business operates.  We then combine that with where your business is trying to go.  This is how we produce an IT plan to drive that growth.