How We Work

A network assessment tells us where your business has been.  The 20Creek Business Discovery Process tells us where your business is going.  After extensive discussions with you and your staff, we craft a plan to align your IT investments with your business objectives.

The Discovery Process

Suppose you hired a CIO.  The new CIO would talk to people in all areas of your business.   What’s working?  What’s not?  How does data move through your office?  You may have options that did not exist five years ago. The 20Creek Business Discovery Process examines 12 areas of your business so that we understand your objectives, your culture, your constraints.  We interview key employees to determine where IT is facilitating growth and where IT is holding you back. We look at various options for improving the flow of data through your company.  After a thorough analysis, we deliver a bound report detailing our observations and recommendations. Generally, we’ll spend more time talking to people than looking at equipment because we’re there to support your business not just your technology.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Business moves fast. While we’re continuously monitoring your equipment and meeting your daily IT needs, we also need to sit down from time to time to review the needs of your business.  For this, we have created the Quarterly Business Review.

Once you hire us to be your IT provider, we work with you to review and revise plans as needed.  We measure progress against the plans detailed in the Discovery Report.  We review issues that have arisen as well as any changes in the direction of your business.  We discuss new technologies as they appear.

The Quarterly Business Review is how 20Creek ensures your IT investment directly supports your business today and tomorrow.