Why We Do It


Securely Open

Efficiency and security are not enemies.  Poor data handling reduces efficiency and creates security risks.  Proper data handling improves both.

We see people everyday clicking on the wrong link, sending the wrong file, and getting in trouble for it.  We believe stronger IT can eliminate many of those risks.  

The IT industry is moving rapidly.  Options have come out in the last 5 years that can supercharge your business while also making it safer.  Threats are also increasing.  With so many opportunities and so many risks, navigating these possibilities is getting harder. We want to help you lead that charge.



As your full service IT provider, 20Creek becomes your IT department.  We are your Virtual CIO, your help desk, your on-site technicians.  We design and manage your hardware, your software, your network, and your data flow.  We keep your software up to date.  We monitor your infrastructure to identify problems early so we can fix them quickly.

National Strength - Local Service

20Creek understands the importance of well-vetted solutions.  We have joined a network of service providers to deliver a proven technology stack with thousands of users nationwide.  We share a Help Desk and Network Operations Center located in the no-nonsense Midwest of the US.  This unique relationship gives you national strength, delivered locally, from a provider who has time to consider the higher needs of your business.